Pella Welcome



An assortment of treats that exemplifies everything tasty about our local and imported Dutch treats.

Package includes Beef sticks, Pella Bologna, Summer Sausage, Frisian Farms Cheese Curds, Pella Wizard Pancake Mix, Wilhemina Peppermints, Dutch cracker, and Dutch Letters.


  • Beef Sticks (4) 
  • One 14 oz. Pella Bologna
  • One 16 oz. Summer Sausage
  • One Frisian Farms Cheese Curds
  • One Pella Wizard Pancake Mix
  • One Wilhemina Peppermints
  • One Imported Dutch Crackers
  • One package Dutch Letter

Includes FREE shipping within the continental US. (NOTE: For shipping destinations that fall outside of a 3-day arrival window, and additional expediting fee may apply.)

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in