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Visit In't Veld's Meat Market & Opa's Deli in Downtown Pella, Iowa

In't Veld's store front
Open Weekdays 8:00 am–5:30 pm
Saturdays 8:00 am–4:00 pm

Lunch served 10:00 am–3:00 pm

The town of Pella is known for a large number of products, from high-quality windows and beautiful tulips to wonderful pastries baked in the form of the letter "S" (Dutch letters). One of the most delicious Pella specialties is ring bologna, a taut tube of salami-type meat curled into the shape of a horseshoe, smoked and cured. It can be sliced, eaten cold as a snack, or can be enjoyed as a hot meal. In't Veld's is a full-service meat market located on the east side of the square in downtown Pella. They have the distintion of being the only meat market to make every ring of their famous bologna on site. Every step from the grinding and mixing to the curing and packaging is completed in our local facility.

In't Veld's is also well known for homemade beef jerky, summer sausage, dried beef and bratwurst. The meat counter offers a full selection of beef, pork and poultry, as well as a variety of specialty cheeses and homemade dips.

The quaint shop offers a nice variety of fresh lunch sandwiches that can be eaten in the deli or taken on a picnic. Among these sandwiches are a hot ring bologna sandwich, bologna Reuben, dried beef (hot or cold) or the grilled choice of the day. A popular lunch item is the Double Dutch which has five large pieces of warm Pella bologna topped with melted Gouda cheese, imported from the Netherlands, on a fresh bakery bun.

The market, located at 820 Main Street, was constructed in 1911. Originally the building housed the local drug store and was purchased in 1941 to start the IGA Grocery Store. Klaas In't Veld operated his meat market in the grocery store, thus the beginning of the In't Veld's Meat Market as it stands today. The market no longer sells groceries but concentrates on the fine meat products that have been served for generations.

In 2011, Jerry Roorda purchased the business from Stan Bogaard and continues to offer quality meat and service.

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