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Authentic Dutch Bologna

Our Meat Market is located in Pella, Iowa. The town of Pella is known for a number of products, from high-quality windows and beautiful tulips, to wonderful pastries baked in the letter “S” (Dutch letters). One of the most delicious Pella specialties is ring bologna, a taut tube of salami-type meat, smoke and cured, curved into the shape of a horseshoe. It can be sliced, eaten cold as a snack, or can be enjoyed as a hot meal.

In’t Veld’s is a full-service meat market located on the east side of the square in downtown Pella. They have the distinction of being the only meat market to make every ring of their famous bologna on site. Every step from the grinding and mixing to the curing and packaging is completed in our local facility. In’t Veld’s is also well known for homemade beef jerky, summer sausage, dried beef and bratwurst. The meat counter offers a full selection of beef, pork and poultry, as well as a variety of specialty cheeses and homemade dips.

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